About us

Grant Consultant UA teaches to write grant applications according to donor requirements through webinar, online courses, trainings and individual consultations, and can prepare a grant application for you.

Each year, hundreds of grants are available to non-governmental organizations, municipalities, communities, businesses and academics in Ukraine. Unfortunately, many opportunities are not being used because of the lack of knowledge and experience of potential grant recipients. The work of our team is aimed at solving this problem through consultations, webinars, trainingsand online courses.

For more information and collaboration, please contact us via email: grantconsultant.ua@gmail.com or fill in the form.

Команда Grant Consultant UA навчає писати грантові заявки відповідно до вимог донора шляхом вебінарів, онлайн-курсів, тренінгів та індивідуального консультування, а також може підготувати грантову заявку за Вас.